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Industries We Serve

Varied Applications of Bearings
A diverse and extensive portfolio of motion control products enables KG Technologies India Pvt Ltd to provide customer satisfaction in a variety of applications. KG Bearings are renowned for their consistency in quality and performance throughout the life span of the product. From heavy duty applications to home appliances, our bearings can cater to the requirement of almost every application. We use 100CR6 chrome steel for the production of inner and outer rings and are able to provide customized solutions as per the special needs of customers.
Agriculture Sector
KG agricultural bearing range is used in almost all equipments, such as transmission, engine, wheel hubs, disc harrows, etc. KG bearings require low maintenance even under muddy and heavy-load conditions.
Steel Industry
Unlike other segments, bearings used in steel industries have to perform under harsh conditions at very high temperatures and at varying speeds. KG has been consistently supplying bearings for the past few decades for applications such as blast furnace, steel melting shop, roll shop, coke oven, sinter plant and power plant.
Cement Industry
Our bearings are ideally suited for extremely arduous and hazardous environment in a typical cement plant. KG Spherical and Cylindrical Roller Bearings have been specifically designed for high performance in conditions involving heavy shock loads, varying operating speeds and heavy contamination in applications such as rotary kiln, roller mill, ball mill, sand and gravel plant and conveyor belts.
Mining Sector
Mining operations play a very important role in extraction and purification of minerals and metals that enhance our daily living by providing resources to build roads, buildings, create electricity etc. The mines are often located in mountainous regions and go up to 1000-3000m underground. A range of equipment is required for continuous operations 24×7 such as crushers, screening machinery, stockpiling and conveyors for processing. These tough conditions require durable and long life of equipment as even a small breakdown has serious implications. KG has been offering its P2P and KGU range to fulfill these needs of customers.
Crusher Industry
KG has been serving in the crusher segment for a long time and has attained a high customer satisfaction by providing bearings that are reliable, durable and give consistent performance. Equipments such as jaw crushers, cone crushers, gyratory cone crushers, horizontal and vertical shaft impact crushers and roll crushers fitted with KG bearings have been successful in the market.
Motors/Pumps and Compressors
KG bearings due to their low noise and vibration are extensively used in rotating parts of electric motors enabling smooth and quiet rotation with the ability to bear loads. As there is a huge demand for motors with energy-efficiency with high durability and reliability, KG responds with its KG P2P and KGE range.
Two Wheelers
A single motorcycle can consist of 20-30 bearings depending upon the type and structure. KG bearings are preferred by many motorcycle manufactures in the world due to their reliability, low noise and vibration levels, which enables a smooth ride for a long period of time.
Pulp & Paper Industry
In this fast moving world, the paper industry has been improving itself through enhancing the pace and coverage width of paper-making machines in order to boost their productivity level. KG has developed a range specially to cater to this special demand which is used in many sections of the paper-making machines.
Automotive Industry (LMV & HMV)
The automotive industry is growing by leaps and bound in this competitive and fast-paced world. This requires orders in massive volume on a very short notice period. KG with its extensive stock readiness, and its sophisticated warehouse is fully geared to meet any volume demand in a timely fashion.
Gear Drives and Reducers
Gear drives and reducers are used in various industrial applications enabling customers to operate with variable speeds, heavy torque and shock load, which require bearings with high quality material with longer life span. KG bearings are preferred due to their capacity to handle heavy loads.
Textile Industry
With the growth in world population resulting in increased demand for clothing and the ever-changing fashion technology demanding new clothing materials, there has been a drastic change in the process of cloth making from traditional weaving to most modern and sophisticated mills. These mills require bearings with long service life, heavy load bearing capacity and high rotation speed with low noise level for smooth operation and to help producing good quality clothes. KG bearings best suit the multifarious requirements of the textile industry.
Sugar Processing Industry
Sugar processing is the one of the main industries in many parts of the world. After the initial stage of shredding and crushing, the cane sugar is passed through special rolling mills for further processing. The heavy shock loads and corrosive environment make it hard for any bearing to sustain this for a long time. KG bearings, apart from being energy efficient are able to bear shock loads of such extent and provide a longer life span compared to competitors.
Material Handling Equipment/ Heavy Machinery/ Earthmoving Equipment
These equipments require durable, reliable and low maintenance bearings, which can bear both axial and radial loads produced due to the different terrains in which they are operated. KG offers a wide variety of bearings that best suit the purpose, enabling reduction in downtime of the equipment/machine and help increase the productivity. KG slewing bearing range has also been successfully accepted and used by many machinery manufacturers. KG DGBB range is highly preferred by conveyor manufacturers due to their durability and longer life span.
Home Appliances
KG’s special home appliances bearing range assures best performance and silent operation of the equipment at high speeds. Our bearings are chosen by OEMs for manufacturing of fans, washing machines, water purifiers, water pumps, etc. due to their durability and consistency in quality that ensures end customer satisfaction.